The BlueMatch EcoStove is a ‘fan gasifier’ cookstove and is most efficient with biomass pellets resulting in clean, smokeless cooking. The fan can be adjusted to regulate the desired heat. The batteries can be recharged with an charger or with the optional solar panel.


Made of solid and pure stainless steel, the EcoStove is designed to last a life time. The safe combustion prevents the EcoStove from overheating and ensures safe usage, even after hours of cooking.


In line with our BlueMatch philosophy, the EcoStove is built within the local communities. The parts are produced in our regional manufacturing facilities and transported to local units where rural women assemble the final product. For women, by women!

Some BlueMatch EcoStove impressions:

Photo's by Marta F. Andres

smokeless combustion,

saving (cooking) time and fuel

a reduction of carbon emissions by

more than 3 tons per stove per year